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My Return...

2016-06-21 21:00:24 by Dead2Animations

Is Imminent...

Fading Memories 3?

2010-10-13 11:18:41 by Dead2Animations

So I've made a start on Fading Memories 3, I'm on a kinda double project at the moment though, got this and The Tale of Tiralise which is something new, and epic, too epic to explain... I better add something to that, The Tale of TiraliseTM.(C). yeeaahh lol anyway, I'm aiming for something a little different this time, as in the first and second episode/episodes it was lacking in suspense and such, was rushed, and the overall quality was quite poor, also I liked the narration in the first I think I'm gonna be keeping that this time around.
The only thing is that I've lost my nack for drawing, its just gone, soooooo.... hopefully it will come back after a little while, though I think I will start the animation with a lot of anger because I cant do it, but I'm going to start anyways

Peace Out!!

I Am Dead....

2010-07-26 16:25:20 by Dead2Animations

Yes it is true....


2010-06-15 08:22:39 by Dead2Animations iral&m=index&id=b04f9da2ce9df2cc0b3309 09737b59b8 CLICK IT NOW DO IT NOW CLICK IT NOW OR FOREVER BURN IN HELL!! .... oh... uuhh.... and... haven't posted in ages because.... playing guitar... and stuff....

Coolest guy ever

2010-05-15 05:36:16 by Dead2Animations

I would just like to mention THE coolest on Newgrounds, yeah thats right, there is such a thing!
Praise is perhaps the most awesome person I have ever met.
You know when you get into these situations where your like, what do I do, or, I'm not sure about this, or some helpful tips or anything at all... HE is like so awesome that he knows everything... or something... lol... well he always does with me O.O but yah... they should make an award for this, and totally give it to him....


2010-04-22 14:45:10 by Dead2Animations

Soooo...... I am totally slacking on everything.... yeah..... hmm...... random pic!!


Voice actors needed

2010-02-04 16:11:26 by Dead2Animations

I am in need of voice actors for my upcoming flash, both male, and female, if you want more information on it then go here
well then..... yeeaahh.......hmm...... whats on your mind then? xD
OH, I guess I could upload a pic of it....

Voice actors needed

would tom fulp help me?

2010-01-18 19:01:26 by Dead2Animations

Yeeeaaaaahh, kinda happy abot my animation apart from the fact that if it was 0.05 higher in score it would have been blue after judgement, but anywho, its all good.
I'm having trouble with the script for the second episode (yeah I'm working on it already) and I was also think that the first episode of White Dawn was like 12mb but I managed to bring it down, though if the second is longer then I dont know if I can compress it greatly enough, so I was thinking how I would get it into Newgrounds, people tell me that they talk to Tom Fulp and he makes exceptions, though how woul I be able to get in touch with him? he gets so many PMs he probably just deletes them all, so in all of those PMs how would he read mine? and how long would it take? is there any other way?

Deadline Date

2010-01-09 20:37:30 by Dead2Animations

Thats right, I am putting a deadline on White Dawn, not only will this speed my working, but it will also keep you guys(and girls) tuned to the stages I'm at, I will let you guys know whats going on, how far I've gotten and, well, anything important, though this date is very ambitious, I am going to be testing how fast I can work, and hopefully I will not pospone the date, anyway here it is.

The date White Dawn is to be released is, January 16th 2010at around about 5pm England time, if you are in America then I think its about 12am, if you are in any other country then I dont fucking know >.< work it out yourself

7 Days Left Ok so I gotta knuckle down and work at this, been going at it the last 2 days, if I keep going at this rate I should have it done on time.
Squale was nice enough to let me use another of his amazing tracks, I'm really happy that I can use this awesome piece of work, I just hope I dont let him down.
I have asked a few people on newgrounds to do some voice acting, since I need a few characters done and I'm already doing 3, I asked General-Ivan and YChan but it seems they dont like to reply to my mail, I need voice actors soon or I might be stuck!

6 Days Left Got a load of technical things to do with layers and tweens, gonna take ages, wish I could just do some frame by frame, no answer from General-Ivan or YChang

5 Days Left Done some technical shtuff, not much drawing this time but took ages to do some crappy effects that dont even look that nice, I got some voices from this guy, thanks for the help :D I need a few more voice actors and have still YET to hear from the guys I asked, so if you feel like it let me know, the more the merrier(lol spelling)

4 Days Left As the deadlines get closer I ask myself "Is this even possible?" it looks like I have to work harder and faster :( ah wellz, some good news now, Sentox and jamiedude have both voice acted for me, so yay! but ofcourse, General-Ivan and YChang have yet to reply, are they dead? anywayz I just recieved my new microphone so I can touch up my voices and if needed, I can add more, but I would rather use someone else!

3 Days Left Ok I'm starting to run into some problems now, I dont think I have enough time to finish this the way I wanted to, so I'm going to have to cut it down so it won be as long, but I can inlude it in the next episode (if I ever do one) and I'm at the point now where I NEED the voices from either General-Ivan and or YChang, but of course, they have not said anything, so I do need a voice actor (male) desperately, if you are interested then please pm me!

2 Days Left So no one wants to do the voice in my animation, doesnt matter now anywayz I have done it =_= so I am voice acting 4 characters, lol, I got a little left to animate but it will probably take a while, pretty sure I will meet the deadline, I guess I set it kinda perfect :P hope you peoples are looking forward to it :D

1 Day Left Animating hard, College was getting in the way a bit, hough I think I can finish this by tomorrow! its looking good so far, better then anything I've submitted before!

Submission Day Woooh it is done :D I will be submitting it today, but I just gonna polish it up a bit since I have like 5 hours, fix a few wrongs and go over it,might add an add thing as well, maybe I can get enough to buy a bannana :D

Its posted, wooh I guess -.^ tell me what you think of it :D

Projects projects projects...

2010-01-07 21:19:47 by Dead2Animations

I say I say I have too many things I am working on, or not working on I should say, this is rediculous(I know I cant spell) so I though I should just get them down so I can see with my own eyes how much I shouldnt be doing!

40% complete

I have half of the script down and most of whats happening in my head, in fact, its all in my head which is probably why I keep getting stuck on it and not knowing what to do, I have no storyboards or anything to help me out :( however this is my main project

CHAOS SOULS (complete remake)
15% complete
Got about 90% of the storyboards down on paper which shouldnt leave me with anything to stop me from animating, that is also along with script, sad there is lack of animation in it so far, I have a menu that took me ages to make and character details that are going to help me out, pretty much everything for the first episode is ready to rock and roll!

TRIAL OF RETRIBUTION (name may change)
5% complete
Now this animation will prove to be very difficult, it will be the first animation that has a story from start to finish, so not in episodes, I thinkit will be brought into newgrounds with welcoming arms, I have an in depth script describing very minor details and diolouge(cant spell lol) that I dont think is cheesy, itis a pretty awesome story that hasnt got any manga or mythical aspects which would be my first!

2% complete

I never bother doing any script or storyboards for this because I just let it flow through my mind and get it down on flash, I havnt actually started anythng on this yet, but I am orgonizing(cant SPELL >:O) events in my head along with their order, and I will put more effort into this one ;)

SPECIAL LINK (name due to change)
2% complete
This is a project I have started with jamiedude, we know each other in realy life and have been wanting to colaborate(spelling...) for a while now, this animation is about Zelda Ocorina of Time(not suprising) and of course, Link is pretty retarded, the story is in development(!) and we have started on the animation but we have much to acomplish!

35% complete

An off project really, I submitted and animation to newgrounds in 2006 called Fighting For Victory, it got blammed, it was 10minutes long and took me a long time, this is a remake of that animation that I started in 2008 but havnt really spent much time on it, at the moment its just an animation to left off a bit of steam as I can just frame by frame it as I go along, unlike my main projects where I have to worry about camera angles tweens tints gradients voice syncs preportions and all that jazz, I would hope to finish it eventually!

25% complete

Tis a simple animation with two characters fighting with swords, pretty much a copy and paste motion tweening thing, similar to madness but not as good, started in 2007 and dont have much care for it, was just a way of testing some different animation styles

No name, so for now we will just call it DREAM :)
5% complete
I dont remember when I started this animation but it was based on a dream I had, it was almost like a normal cheesy anime story, it was good and I thought it through realising it would ACUTALLY work! but anyhow I decided to have a crack at it, in my dream all these characters were furrys, so I tried giving it a go, shortly after realising I cant draw furrys for shit, so I tried to do it i normal anime characters and it kinda failed, if I was to keep going at this I would start from scratch

So there we have it, I have 8 working projects, I guess I could say at least I could say I wont be stuck with nothing to do but I find this more irritating then that with that said I also have like 3 other ideas that I havnt started on, but hopefully as the new year is at hand I can get my head down and get these done! so please bare with my, I may have to give me a deadline for the ones I'm working on because I do like a few days of solid animating then I just stop...... I try to get started again but I just cant, so if I set deadlines maybe I will get scared of what will happen if I dont meet them (High School flashbacks) so maybe that would be a suggestion! PEACEOUT PEPS!